Gales Spring Up

Hello and welcome to Day Seven of NaPoWriMo. The alphabet for the A to Z Blogging Challenge and for BlogchatterA2Z is ‘G’.

First about the poem for the day. The challenge is to write a poem that argues against, or somehow questions, a proverb or saying. They say that “all cats are black at midnight,” but really? Surely some of them remain striped. And maybe there is an ill wind that blows some good. Perhaps that wind just has some mild dyspepsia.

I chose the proverb, Look before you leap and here is my little argument, an amateur attempt really, in the form of a poem.

Look before you leap,

said the mother to the boy

A puddle lies waiting

just before your eye.

The boy jumped right in

splashing away happily,

Glad I didn’t look, it was

magical, said he!


Look before you leap,

was the well-meaning aunt’s advice

to her niece who was in love

now a second time.

Prudence, her companion, the

very first time, had promised her a landing

just about fine.

But clouds of doubt came about and

 she’d tumbled down the hill,

It was best, she now believed,

to throw all caution to the wind.

In matters of the heart

who cares if you fall,

Better to love and lose than

not love at all!


And just like that, gales spring up

tossing the ships about,

and paths that seem straight enough

twist and turn around.

 Puddles are really harmless,

a little joy to keep

Why should then I bother

to look before I leap?

23 thoughts on “Gales Spring Up”

  1. As someone who loved jumping in puddles and making dad wipe her feet because they were wet now, I guess I need to definitely start leaping more. I loved the last part of the poem 🙂

  2. This is wonderful Sonia, I agree with you about all, as if we hadnt made these leaps without looking, we wouldnt have made any!! Excellent stuff, here here!!

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