Tea Times

Dear Readers, Just some random thoughts this week. More like the stream of consciousness. Maybe like what Virginia Woolf once said, I’m only trying to ‘loosen the ligaments’ in this piece. Hope you enjoy reading it.


Every evening, as you trudge up the stairs I watch from the window. A tiresome smile escapes your lips. We sip tea saved from the last trip to the Nilgiris, our souls soak in the calm of the Blue Mountains. You try to fit into the Rajasthani folding chair bought on an impulse ten years ago, for tea-times like these. The door squeaks as the wind slaps it. I remind myself to oil the hinges. The 4X10 balcony is all ears to our silent exchanges. Your head bent over the screen, a nonchalant nod when I tell you the tap’s been leaking. You type on the mobile in haste. I get a notification- complaint lodged. You swirl the tea in your cup and gulp it down like a bitter syrup. I know you prefer milk tea. A sigh escapes my mouth. The sun kisses the tallest towers across the skyline. This was the very view that had sealed the deal for us twelve years ago and we’d decided to share our evening teas right here, for the rest of our lives. My eyes devour the sight, even as your patience snuffs out. You rise up to leave. The half-finished tea in my cup gives me reason to linger on. As you walk back inside, your head bangs against the wind chimes for the umpteenth time. I try to stifle a giggle. I know that your endurance at the end of the day is like a dying candle. The chimes dance like bubbles in a cider bottle, their rhythmic beating competing with the highway noise. By the time I drain the tea down my throat, the city lights up. I leave the balcony reluctantly, even though I know I will be back before the earth spins just one more time on its axis.

There’s a certain kind of assurance in knowing that I’ll be back. Only about a year ago, I cringed at the idea of this repetition. Just like my sixteen-year-old who feels a vacuum going up and down life’s swing unlike the excitement he felt playing on a real one a decade ago. ‘Children grow up Ma!’ he tells me. ‘Or, maybe, they stop finding joy in little things,’ I say. To me, being stuck in a loop seems alright. It feels like letting oneself be in a moment and allowing its richness to seep in. I no longer recoil from the dullness, the monotony of everyday living. This boredom, I tell myself, is an invaluable part of life. It provides the succor to overcome impulse and gives me more time with myself. It also, if I may say so, is the quiet nudge that my brain needs, the one that nurtures my writing. Am I’m averse to adventure? I’m not sure, it maybe partially true but the solace of being in my own space is unmatched.

So, here I am, raising a toast to evening tea times in a 4X10 balcony. It’s the life I would trade the world for!

How about you readers? Do you love the familiarity of your days or you’d rather have an unaccustomed life? Tell me in the comments below and thank you for being here.

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60 thoughts on “Tea Times”

  1. Hey Sonia.

    Question: were you referring to this post when you mentioned the ‘similarity’ on my birthday post?

    About finding the mundane magical: I discovered, quite by chance, a wonderful book called ‘The gift of an Ordinary Day’ by Katrina Kenison and it changed how I looked at my ordinary days. In fact, that’s the time I started my blog and called it ‘My Ordinary Moments.’

    I treasure the repetitive rhythm of my days even more now.

    May you sip your tea in that balcony everyday and discover how extraordinary those moments are.

    Sharing the link to my post about the book here:https://artismoments.blogspot.com/2017/04/o-is-for-observing-ordinary.html

  2. In today’s busy world, random talks have become a rare event. I make sure to halve these sort of talks with my cousins through long distance. But yes its always a great feeling to have those face to face.

  3. Beautiful Sonia. Love your musings on your balcony. I, too, love the familiar, especially in these troubled times. There’s a lot to be said for ‘boredom’. Would choose that over conflict any day.

  4. There is a simple pleasure and solace in little everyday things that we do. Subconsciously, it tells us all is well with our world. In times of distress, these few minutes of daily routine can relax and calm yourslef.

  5. I loved what you wrote, Sonia. Normal everyday things seem so mysterious and have a laid back touch. I guess most of us end up like you are doing. I never had evening tea times with my husband, but he went away so early. Just hug the thought of having your husband and son with you. Believe me it is very precious. I lost my son too last year and the world seems dead to me.

  6. Your writing always transports me to the setting. I could imagine since in my front lawn. I like surprises and doing new things.

  7. Take a bow, Sonia. Your random musings are so poetic and beautiful, right from the sun kissing the tallest towers to the squeaking door hinges. Your 4*10 will have such lovely stories to tell!

  8. I think I like both but after reading this poetic post I am more in love with mundane…hahahah. Surprises can be enjoyed only when you have more familiar days.

  9. I just love your writing, Sonia. It is so poetic. I am on the fence regarding your question. Some days, I prefer the routine. And some days, I need to shake it all up a bit.

  10. Loved your writing. Though I am a routine following person myself I do not like a lot change but sometimes I need a break and that is when I go for a change. I love to travel specially nature places.

  11. Flavia Cutinho

    This was a good one, the day goes by and these things happen and never really click until we read them. 😁

  12. Sonia, i don’t call your writing ‘Writing’, as you craft words into emotions that touch my heart. Your created a scene that I lived through, sitting on that balcony and watching the city before me. This was such an intimate read. Loved every bit of it. If i could draw, i would sketch the scene your words made me pictured in my mind

  13. This piece reminds me of my summer holidays in the hills, eating rusk and having chai while sitting with family and talking.Thanks for the nostalgia!

  14. Lovely piece Sonia… as always. I too am very comfortable in my routined life. Although I like nature n open spaces, travel etc, I don’t have to always be doing something… i’d rather just be.

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