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Last year, I penned a few poems for submissions to online magazines, and most of them didn’t make the cut. For this week’s blog, I decided to bring one such poem to you, which I feel makes sense only partially now. The Pandemic has changed our lives in multiple ways, but the invasion of ‘online’ life is the most prominent change. Coupled with that, our inability to connect with people, an unknown fatigue of being ‘social’. Which is ironical too, because all our lives we learnt that man is a social animal. Maybe, we wish to ‘lean in’ but an unrecognized emotion holds us back. Honestly, my inbox messages continue to remain unread for days on end.

This poem was composed in June 2021, towards the end of the second peak.

We Become

Hissing rains and fervid viruses

obscured outdoors.

We quantify staying indoors

in cups of coffees, teas

and oily pakoras.

Our broken bodies

from work on screens

no longer willing to stroll,

crochet layers of sagging skin

that no longer fits in

measuring tapes.

Our hearts pull apart

phone calls retire hurt

and inbox messages

die unread.

We carry the heavy weight

of our days and walk uphill,

unable to see the summit.

We become clumsy dancers

and battle over labels

acquired online.

Or run forward on Netflix,

our patience like candles,

sniffed out.

We drape taffeta

and smear the lipstick,

pretending happiness on screens.

And occasionally we do

the Pranayams,

because we want to be

intimate streams, leaning in,

but all we become

are two ships

passing in the night.

This blog post is part of the blog challenge ‘Blogaberry Dazzle’ hosted by Cindy D’Silva andNoor Anand Chawla.’

35 thoughts on “We Become”

  1. For some unknown reason, this image : “smear the lipstick, pretending happiness on screens.” captures the mood of the poem for me.

    As always, an honest, self-reflective pouring of your heart.

  2. Beautiful! Loved your choice of words, Sonia. Could completely relate to it even as things are opening up. This constant need to be positive and upbeat is so superficial and a pain.

  3. I could relate much to this poem which was our state. But I’m not a people’s person and I delivered during tey pandemic so I was thankful I didn’t have many visiting us.

  4. Lovely words. We all can relate to it. Pandemic and staying cooped in indoors was difficult for all of us. Hope this is the end of the pandemic now.

  5. It is very difficult to live in the same old routine day in and day out an force ourselves to stay the same always. It feels like a trek uphill with no summit. I could feel each and every word you have poured out in the poem. It becomes very difficult to break through and find a new path and the added weight of pandemic which has forced many to just have a fake smile but internally we were all breaking up.

  6. Though this pandemic was extremely harsh but thought us some very important life lessons. You expressed it so vividly that I could feel that pain and agony that I felt back then.

  7. This touched me. I think it captured the emotions of being forced to be indoors and live out a routine day after day with no respite

  8. Your choice of words is exquisite, Sonia! We danced, applied lipsticks for screens and survived on OTT but in the end we were waiting for the night to end.

  9. What imagery, Sonia. Crochet layers of sagging skin is a gem so is we become clumsy dancers and battle over labels! Your poem is stark candid and blunt but it is great.

  10. …crochet layers of sagging skin…
    …or run forward on Netflix…
    Such an exquisite choice of words, Sonia! This poem is a treasure. Words to look back on when, and if, life turns back to normal.

  11. True ! I sometimes feel so bad when I reply someone after a long days.
    Believe me , sometimes I don’t want to check my phone as it has invaded so badly in our lives.
    I helped us to sail through difficult times , yet have to halt this ship for a while so that we could connect with real life….

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