That Familiar Ache

The onus of your pain is on me
I know that
Because I could see it coming
And the only hand-holding I did
Was to give in
To allow you to carry the burden of that familiar ache
To watch in silence while you made the same mistakes

Tornado warnings don’t prevent
Twisting rings of grey
From falling on earth
Ripping off trees
Ravaging in their rage
Nerve and faith

Will you let me love you
As we figure out
Standing upright again?

22 thoughts on “That Familiar Ache”

  1. Whoa!! what a tornado of a poem this one is–such strength and such force and yet you manage to calm it all down with your offer of love.
    I may be unable to recall all of your poems at this point so when I say this is one of your best I’ve seen, please accept the compliment as a reflection of my memory rather than your talent.

    Your children are blessed to have you as their friend and guide.

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