IWSG- AUGUST 2020 (Did the form find me?)

It’s the IWSG day once again! Time’s a Bugatti, isn’t it? I love the IWSG. It’s an awesome place to learn and grow; a support group where you can reach out to better your craft.

The first Wednesday of every month is officially Insecure Writer’s Support Group day. Post your thoughts on your own blog. Talk about your doubts and the fears you have conquered. Discuss your struggles and triumphs. Offer a word of encouragement for others who are struggling. Visit others in the group and connect with your fellow writer – aim for a dozen new people each time – and return comments. This group is all about connecting!

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The awesome co-hosts for August are Susan Baury Rouchard, Nancy Gideon, Jennifer Lane, Jennifer Hawes, Chemist Ken, and Chrys Fey! Do visit them and show some love!

Now for this month’s question. I love answering these questions.

August 5 question – Quote: “Although I have written a short story collection, the form found me and not the other way around. Don’t write short stories, novels or poems. Just write your truth and your stories will mold into the shapes they need to be.”
Have you ever written a piece that became a form, or even a genre, you hadn’t planned on writing in? Or do you choose a form/genre in advance?

Here is my response:

Did I find writing

Or did writing find me?

I often keep wondering

About the genesis of this story

On a plodding Sunday

As I lay about

My mind wandered to

A lonely, forsaken cloud

Wordsworth then made way

Into the room stealthily

And before I knew I had

Created some poetry!

Believe you me

Intention I had none

I am a story-teller

Don’t care for rhyme or pun

It must’ve been serendipity

That turned my prose into poetry!

So, the very next day

I decided not to go astray

And pulled out a tale

Called ‘Shards from a Decade’

Intense, stirring and savvy

The yarn was read by many

Who inadvertently chose

To call the piece ‘poetic’ prose.

Thereupon for days and weeks

And several months and years

I ordered myself by decree

To solely pen stories

Do you now wish to know

If that’s the form I choose?

Well, yes, I am watchful

By verses I shall certainly not be noosed

Now, don’t you ask me how then

This response turned into poetry

I guess I’ll have to confess

The form wilfully always chooses me!


I just thought I will turn this into fun this month. Hope you enjoyed visiting the blog. Until we meet again!

40 thoughts on “IWSG- AUGUST 2020 (Did the form find me?)”

  1. at times i wonder are we born with artistic inclination. Is it natural to be in the flow? well expressed! first time on your space and loved reading you.

  2. I am like a flowing river, waiting to meet the horizon,some day. I sail my boat on the river of thoughts and when my boat finds the shore, ohh, I find, I have reached my home!

  3. Love your poem, and how poetry persists in making you its author. For sure, our genres choose us, not the other way around. I always knew I wanted to write fantasy. Non-reality anyway. Speculative fiction might be a larger and more fitting umbrella, as it includes my sci-fi stories as well. Still not reality.

  4. That poem, Sonia! What flow! Beautiful! I can so relate to it. I too never start with a genre in mind. It just takes a form and life of its own. I start with a vision or catch-phrase or a sentence that keeps repeating itself to me that I finally will have to pick up my Word or a paper/notebook and note it down to feel relieved. It’s bursting with so much energy that I have to let it free. 🙂

  5. Happy IWSG Day! Thanks for stopping by my blog and your kind words.
    Poetry does not come naturally to me and I usually do an awful job with it, but lately, it’s chosen me to express heartache and pain. Don’t know if it’s temporary or permanent.
    Thanks for sharing your poem. I’m glad it chose you.

  6. I almost felt like you penned down my response to the question there Sonia 🙂 I am pretty sure mine is definitely a serendipity 🙂

    I have been reading you since few years now and all I can say is writing and you are just made for each other. Be it prose or poetry 🙂

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