A WEP Win!

Hola People!

The New Year has been kind! My story “Footprints” (read it here) has won the WEP December challenge. It is indeed a gratifying moment and my gratitude to the WEP team- the hosts Denise, Laura, Nilanjana and Olga; and judge Nick Wilford; my friend Susan for introducing me to IWSG and WEP.

I hadn’t really anticipated winning. I was only looking forward to reading some fantabulous writing and learning something new- all of which happened in the December WEP. Being the winner is like the cherry on top. I am super excited to receive a critique prize by editor/writer J L Campbell besides a guest post at WEP and a short post in the IWSG newsletter.

Do check out the announcement here..


The challenges for 2020 are also there, in case you wish to jump in!

With gratitude and love!

8 thoughts on “A WEP Win!”

    1. Thanks Susan. I didn’t really think of the win but it was great being a part of the contest. I read so many wonderful stories and learnt a great deal. The win was then the cherry on the top. I wish you a great writing year and see you around.

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