Welcome to ‘A Hundred Quills’. The title of my blog will probably intrigue you and I do plan to keep the suspense for a while. But for now, all I can say is that my blog may have a new name and a new address but I’m not really new to the process. I have been around but just a little dormant. There were quite a few reasons. One was this strange thing that I call tech diarrhea which is almost lethal in 2018. Not that I’ve managed to overcome it but it is a tad better than before. So, here I am. Secondly, there is this kind of sabbatical that your mind decides to take. Not you, but your mind. And as I’ve put it in my intro out there, I have been kind of grappling with words. We have a constant scuffle and they just don’t seem to do justice to my thoughts. And I suppose this is with most of us. It is like the slip between the cup and the lip. The fraction of a second that your thoughts take to turn to words is enough to alter all that you may want to say. And yet, words are all that we ever have. All that I have.

Since this is supposed to be a welcome note- so, let me come straight to the point. Why am I here? I’m writing for friends. For people who enjoy reading me. My stories are mere conversations as they have been before. I’m no baking expert, no travel enthusiast and certainly not a poet. If you love all of these, there are plenty of options out there. I’m simply here to strike a conversation. To talk about anything under the sun. In fact, if you actually ponder over it, the world doesn’t need many like me. There are already plenty out there. To be honest, we need more listeners. There is too much talking happening. Too many already harping. And to add me to the list… wouldn’t be a bad idea. Because on the other hand you also need a whole lot of us who blabber. At least some will make sense!

So, join me in this journey as I venture out to collect ‘A Hundred Quills’.

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  1. Shubhlakshana Bhardwaj

    Wowww Sonia….. you know that … yup I, always cherish reading and listening to you .. my friend , my guide , my inspiration …Great going … look forward to meet to here 😊Good luck !!

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