आज लंबी कतारें हैं

आज सुबह tv पर न्यूज़ सुनी। कह रहे थे कि आजकल कॉफिन्स की बिक्री बढ़ गयी है। फिर कहा कि कुछ देश अभी भी अपनी सीमांतों को लेकर लड़ रहे हैं। कुछ राजनैतिक तंज कसे जा रहे थे। एक चक्रवर्ती तूफान की तबाही का समाचार था। चिली में मज़दूर अपने हक के लिए लड़ते नज़र … Continue reading आज लंबी कतारें हैं

Blogchatter Ebook Carnival (A Sneak Peek)

Dear WordPress friends This year's Blogchatter A to Z was special. I received much love from you all and decided to collate my poems for the Blogchatter Ebook Carnival. The ebook will be launched on May 25,2020 on the Blogchatter platform. I hope to receive your love in this new venture. Stay tuned for the … Continue reading Blogchatter Ebook Carnival (A Sneak Peek)

जो छूट गए…

जो छूट गए वो पल भर थे सागर नही बस लहर ही थे मंज़िल तो नही पथिक ही थे फिर क्षोभ है क्यों उनके जाने का क्रोध है क्यों संसार मे जिसने जन्म लिया पृथक ही उसने जीवन जिया आते जाते कुछ हाथ मिले जो एक मोड़ तक साथ चले फिर राह चुनी जो तूने … Continue reading जो छूट गए…

#IWSG Post for May 6- Writing Rituals and Co-existence with a Virus

Another IWSG Day is right here. Thank you to the wonderful team of the Insecure Writer’s Group for this uplifting and encouraging group, where writers can share their feelings without the fear of being judged. Posting: The first Wednesday of every month is officially Insecure Writer’s Support Group day. Post your thoughts on your own … Continue reading #IWSG Post for May 6- Writing Rituals and Co-existence with a Virus

A to Z Challenge 2020- Reflections

April 2020 was unusual. The A to Z Challenge, one of the biggest for the blogging world, commenced in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis. Life in the time of this pandemic has been anything but a bed of roses. Uncommon, atypical circumstances have marred everyday living. Yes, some of us around the world have … Continue reading A to Z Challenge 2020- Reflections

Blogchatter A to Z Challenge 2020- THEME REVEAL

April is around the corner folks and the Blogging World is gearing up for yet another A to Z Challenge 2020. Last year, I had jumped in at the nick of time, without a theme and without preparation, and had landed up burning the midnight oil. But what a time I had! I found some … Continue reading Blogchatter A to Z Challenge 2020- THEME REVEAL

WEP February 2020- Results

Here are the results of WEP February 2020. An invigorating prompt "Cafe Terrace" . I feel elated to have made it to the final shortlist. Do check out the results as well as the lovely blurbs by Nilanjana here.. https://writeeditpublishnow.blogspot.com/2020/03/winners-post-february-challenge-cafe.html?showComment=1583836454123&m=1#c420270527662223850 You can read my entry here, https://soniadogra.com/2020/02/19/wep-iwsg-february-2020-cafe-terrace/ Check out the winner Anstice Brown with her … Continue reading WEP February 2020- Results