‘Hair’ Today, Gone Tomorrow!

This piece is a cheerful take on some chronic disorders. It is not meant to belittle struggles of those who choose to fight. It is simply meant to manifest a positive approach in dealing with certain ailments. My ‘hair’ tales aren’t new to the world. I have never shied away from admitting my long-standing relationship … Continue reading ‘Hair’ Today, Gone Tomorrow!

Get Real Mommy

‘S’ inserted the key in the ignition and put the car on gear one. Slowly she proceeded out of the school gate. The rear-view mirror showed images of her three children (thirteen, eight and five) who she had just dropped to school after a ‘three-month-long’ vacation. It had been a holiday primarily marked by Capital … Continue reading Get Real Mommy

There isn’t ENOUGH Salt in the Curry…

  There isn't enough salt in the curry Or, oh! It's just a little too much. You've put on a few kilos Or,oh! Lost a little too much. Isn't twenty-two early to marry Or, oh! Thirty-two is a little too much. The baby is coming very soon Or, oh! Still not planned? That's a little … Continue reading There isn’t ENOUGH Salt in the Curry…

Dhokha (Betrayal)

My eyes drifted to the right and a not-so familiar face greeted me. Sitting behind the counter in a skull cap, was a young man who couldn’t have been more than thirty. “Fresh vegetables for sale. Why don’t you try these peas- straight from the farm?” “Really?” I said. “They do look nice…you are new … Continue reading Dhokha (Betrayal)