Silent Wishes

If I knew how to let silence speak,

I would’ve gathered the leaves

Of a fallen autumn

And let the winter Sun

spread its warmth.

I would’ve built a heap

of the running brooks

like sand dunes in the Sahara.

Formed a canopy of green

under a firmament so blue

and let swallows chitter

in distant heavens.

I would’ve let my feet

vanish on deserted roads,

and raindrops ring some

far-off wedding bells.

I would’ve told you how

the blowing winds

just whistled in my ears.

Maybe that would’ve been

The full circle

and not just an Arc.


Only if I knew

how to let silence speak.

Agony of War (Speaks)

The shadow of Kalinga hangs on.

Crippled bodies

sublime in ancient battlefields.

Fiends and edentates

rule the World.

And souls wilfully escape into a world

without bondage.


Pain and hunger,


The Earth in peril.

“Martyred? Aye! Nations immortal sons!”

With their mortal remains

long lost.


We weep silent tears

and count those lines of vanity

on the vain human visage.

Mutable, unaccountable-

Yet, basking in the glory of

victorious battles.


Wait awhile!

This shan’t stay.

When time shall cease to exist

Only I’ll stand strong.

I am Agony of War.

Into an Unknown

In the cavern of my heart

A yearning.

All glory lies faded

With suburban shades of grey.


A resignation

Of past scintilla.

And bubbling aspirations

buried and forgotten.


A beginning,

flashes of tomorrow.





A new world and brightness,

Let go yesterday.

Allow my days to grow,




A Utopian Vision

A dream, a reverie

A train of thoughts and fantasies

Harmony set to music

By the glitter of starry concordance;

And a World

Beyond Human Bondage.

Mornings full of visions,

And anticipation

Of another Sun.

A thousand rays

Drying up a dewy assemblance,

And a termination

Of another monotony.

Into a horizon of hopes,

Set to glory

By a dying day.

The setting Sun

Ready to light up another World;

And a walk once again,

Past illumined imaginations!

A Lilliput Song



Tears enclosed in sandal cases

Moments grown and lived,

Remembrances and reminiscences

Of yesteryears so dear!

The Golden Gate

Of a dilapidated castle,

Kings and Queens and crowns

A treasure Island

In Lilliput Days

Lost and never found!

Pink and purple

Laces and ribbons,

Marbles and laughter

Memories scattered ocean deep,

No pearls and no oysters.

Bring back a yesterday,

A splendour- ephemeral and mutable

And let this song end

On an unforgettable note;

Help me find my wings

For my infinite flight

Into childhood.

To Mummy

(An emotional letter penned by an aborted foetus to her unclaimed mother)


Dear Mummy,

The stars are out in the sky

And the moon has been singing the lullaby,

I’ve had a lovely meal tonight

And the day was also almost fine!

Yet, I miss your cradle- songs

And all your lovely ways;

I wish you had let me colour your quiet days.

When tomorrow comes

Don’t forget to tell him my story;

How I grew, how I loved you.

Tell Daddy to smile a hundred smiles,

Tell him, I miss him too!

But Mumma dear, you mustn’t cry,

For I know you loved me much.

Wrap my little life, a few weeks old

In bonds of eternal warmth.

And let my memory grow…

Years later, when I’m not even history anymore

Take me out on full moon nights;

I’ll still be there,

I’ll remain your child!

My Unchained Melody

Bury me today.

Bury my thoughts

And cover them with misty joy.

Evade all dark clouds from over my tomb,

And carve happiness on my epitaph.

Give me wings of Icarus,

For the flight of a liberated spirit.

Tell my wings to fly me

Past unseen horizons.

And just when

My heart is brimming

With immortal joy,

I’ll rise once again.

Then dig open my grave,

For I’ll walk past familiar roads.

But bury me today

I want to live my happiness.

Call Me a Soldier

(Penned in the emotional hours of the Kargil War)

Make me valiant,

Let drops of blood from my veins

Fall on the ground below.

Canons and bullets,

Let them pierce through my flesh.

And my soul escape this worthless body.

Let my heart tell the profound story

Of this battlefield.

And my bashful hands help build a Nation strong.

Let my victory call for a banquet,

And wreaths and laurels thereafter.

Nation, let me be a soldier!

The Celestial

I wish to talk about the ‘celestial’…

A cherub,

A sunshine,

The eighth colour of the rainbow,

A smile,

A togetherness,

A bond,

A tomorrow,

A promise,

A tear,

A holding,

A forever,

A ‘let go’;

I wish to talk about the ‘celestial’…

Of silent voices,

Of listening,

Of two pair of feet,

Of evening shadows that merge,

Of familiar shores,

Of hearts that echo,

Of anchors that are

Of anchors that be,

Of ‘chiquititas’ and their souls,

Of big hands and small,

Of a loving and a loved.

Need I say more?

I wish to talk about the ‘celestial’,

About a friend…

My friend!!!

Mom, I Call Ye Sacrifice

It is not easy

to let the World know,

How much ‘the caring’ can add to life…

How well ‘a rainbow’ makes a promise…

How much ‘the silence’ can be ‘the turbulence’…

It is not easy to let the World know,

How much ‘My Mom’ loves me!


Sad days…

When I seem to lose myself in the crowd,

She picks me up, each time I fall.

She promises me a clear sky, Oh! So blue!

And to stick by me, all my life through.

She nurtures in me dreams of ‘tomorrows’,

Her gentle touch drives away all my ‘sorrows’.


I am not the best child…

I fight and scream at her.

She loves me still,

Just as much,

As she did ever.

Gives her days and nights


Her benevolence quietly touches me,

She says she wants nothing!


My ‘caring’, my ‘rainbow’,

My ‘silence’ and my ‘turbulence’,

Mumma you’re my World.


I love you, Oh! So much.

You are ‘the constant in my life…

All that I am and ever hope to be,

It is because of thee…

You mother,

I call ye ‘Sacrifice’.

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