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The world is crumbling and mistrust, scepticism, fear accompany the morbidity that plagues us all. At this point of time, Swarnali Nath’s eBook ‘You are Blooming’ is the manna we seek. Like a ray of light that breaks in through the chinks, it offers hope and faith. I share my favourite quotes from the book that will hold your hand in devastating times.
I believe, in every colour of the dusk, there lies a promise of the new day. In every broken piece of the soul, there is a home of the lost light.”

The Universe will direct you towards your lost dream. Have the courage to sail your boat once again, sailor!”
The colours of the dusk bear the promise of a new day. The chapter is over, not the story. Somewhere in the Universe, a new chapter of your story is still waiting to be written.”
“I embrace my scars as the glory…These scars are the sign that I have battled, I have bled, and I have survived.”
The magic resides in you. It’s like the hidden treasure buried within you for years. It takes time to find this treasure, sometimes, it takes a whole life dedicated to this sacred hunt.”
You have the power…To turn your inner chaos into a melodious song of peace and silence. You can make wonders, I believe.”
What does the thin ray of light hold special?… this thin ray could be a light of hope for someone who is waiting for the daybreak.”
The light is always there.”
Nobody but you are a sea of kindness. You are kind, and you have to be kind to yourself, too.”
All the poems can’t be read, all the songs can’t be heard.
When you embrace the silence around yourself, you will hear them all.”

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  1. Wonderful selection and also like the idea of presenting them in different colours though it freshens the memory of all the girls in school & college who used to give me complex by using different colours of pen in writing exams. 😁

  2. Thanks a lot Sonia for reading my book so beautifully. I am glad to know that these quotes stole your heart. I hope you enjoyed reading the book too. I am overwhelmed to see this unique kind of review of my book. This means much! Thank you. 🙂

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