To Mummy

(An emotional letter penned by an aborted foetus to her unclaimed mother)


Dear Mummy,

The stars are out in the sky

And the moon has been singing the lullaby,

I’ve had a lovely meal tonight

And the day was also almost fine!

Yet, I miss your cradle- songs

And all your lovely ways;

I wish you had let me colour your quiet days.

When tomorrow comes

Don’t forget to tell him my story;

How I grew, how I loved you.

Tell Daddy to smile a hundred smiles,

Tell him, I miss him too!

But Mumma dear, you mustn’t cry,

For I know you loved me much.

Wrap my little life, a few weeks old

In bonds of eternal warmth.

And let my memory grow…

Years later, when I’m not even history anymore

Take me out on full moon nights;

I’ll still be there,

I’ll remain your child!

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