The Phone Call

<a href="http://Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay" target="_blank" rel="noopener">(Image Source) It was just an ordinary day at work His head, buried in files, sought some respite. There was a presentation that lurked in the laptop and another one that needed to be chopped. The boss was expected at any time He knew he had to toe … Continue reading The Phone Call

To the Writer’s Abode

The sun peeped in through the voile curtains, drawing a thin line across the bed. The boy tossed around and then pulled a blanket to cover his face. But the sun continued to coax him before he sat up in his bed and looked at his sister sleeping next to him, still oblivious of the … Continue reading To the Writer’s Abode

Letting Go

Sabeena’s fingers ran through each contour of the picture on the table. She paused to look at the silhouette of a bigger version in the dimly lit room. It was a huge frame… sixty by twenty inches…that stood behind an olive green supercilious easy chair. The warmth of the fireplace beneath filled her heart with … Continue reading Letting Go