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Marks or Farce

This article is the third one in a series that talks about the issues related to the examination system in the country. It first appeared in Keekli Newspaper and can be read here.  In this piece I analyze the reasons behind granting high and… Continue Reading “Marks or Farce”

An Open Letter to My Son

Dear A As I write to you today, I experience a flurry of emotions. A feeling of pride, for sure, for the young teenager that you are and also immense gratitude for the person you have come to become. You are in the final… Continue Reading “An Open Letter to My Son”

The Mad, Mad Rush!

The “coveted” month of the Board results is here. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the annual marks fair is here and I’m already reading news of some splendid performances and thoughts on the same. As a mother of a teenage son, who will be taking… Continue Reading “The Mad, Mad Rush!”

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