The Celestial

I wish to talk about the ‘celestial’…

A cherub,

A sunshine,

The eighth colour of the rainbow,

A smile,

A togetherness,

A bond,

A tomorrow,

A promise,

A tear,

A holding,

A forever,

A ‘let go’;

I wish to talk about the ‘celestial’…

Of silent voices,

Of listening,

Of two pair of feet,

Of evening shadows that merge,

Of familiar shores,

Of hearts that echo,

Of anchors that are

Of anchors that be,

Of ‘chiquititas’ and their souls,

Of big hands and small,

Of a loving and a loved.

Need I say more?

I wish to talk about the ‘celestial’,

About a friend…

My friend!!!

Mom, I Call Ye Sacrifice

It is not easy

to let the World know,

How much ‘the caring’ can add to life…

How well ‘a rainbow’ makes a promise…

How much ‘the silence’ can be ‘the turbulence’…

It is not easy to let the World know,

How much ‘My Mom’ loves me!


Sad days…

When I seem to lose myself in the crowd,

She picks me up, each time I fall.

She promises me a clear sky, Oh! So blue!

And to stick by me, all my life through.

She nurtures in me dreams of ‘tomorrows’,

Her gentle touch drives away all my ‘sorrows’.


I am not the best child…

I fight and scream at her.

She loves me still,

Just as much,

As she did ever.

Gives her days and nights


Her benevolence quietly touches me,

She says she wants nothing!


My ‘caring’, my ‘rainbow’,

My ‘silence’ and my ‘turbulence’,

Mumma you’re my World.


I love you, Oh! So much.

You are ‘the constant in my life…

All that I am and ever hope to be,

It is because of thee…

You mother,

I call ye ‘Sacrifice’.

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