Short Stories (छोटी सी कहानी)

Some of those flash fictions- a hundred word tale, mostly written on prompts from Women’s Web or Momspresso. If you can’t read really really long pieces, these short tales are sure to fill a teeny weeny corner of your heart!

आसमान का रंग

(Image source: pixabay) एक बार की बात है, एक आदमी बीमार पड़ गया तो उसे अस्पताल में भर्ती करवा दिया गया। वह पूरा दिन बिस्तर पर पड़ा रहता था। उसके कमरे में बस एक छोटा सा रोशनदान था, जिससे आसमान साफ नज़र आता था। मगर आकाश के एक टुकड़े के सिवा उसे कुछ न दिखाई …

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Our Souls are Flecked with Friendship

Our souls, I believe, are flecked with friendship. You know, we are mostly lucky to find friends at several crossroads. Not all of them are forever, but they do stay like cold, fresh mornings that are rather sharp, but then also so raw and completely unorthodox. Yes, the most beautiful relationships are so unconventional. And …

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Letting Go

Sabeena’s fingers ran through each contour of the picture on the table. She paused to look at the silhouette of a bigger version in the dimly lit room. It was a huge frame… sixty by twenty inches…that stood behind an olive green supercilious easy chair. The warmth of the fireplace beneath filled her heart with …

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Kheer- In the Middle of the Night

Based on a prompt from Women’s Web, this story was written keeping Christina Rossetti’s poem Goblin Market in mind. A tale of sisters in arms! ********************************** Sudha dipped her index finger in the pot and licked the kheer. “Perfect,” she thought. Wiping her hand with the end of her dupatta she turned to look at …

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किताबों की नौकरी!

विनोद बाबु किताबों पर पड़ी धूल झाड़ रहे थे। तीस सालों से शिमला की स्टेट लाइब्रेरी में लाइब्रेरियन थे पर आज उनका यहां आखिरी दिन था। ‘अगर एक महीने में आप एक भी मेंबर बना पाए तो हम लाइब्रेरी बंद नही करेंगे।’ ऐसा कहा था डायरेक्टर साहब ने। पर इंटरनेट के ज़माने में किसे मेंबर …

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बंद दरवाज़ा/ Closed Door

एक दरवाज़ा, दो कहानियां। One door, two stories… Based on this picture prompt by Women’s Web, here are two different takes on a teal blue door. **†******************************* ‘When one door closes, God opens another one right there and then. Years ago, a certain door was shut right on my face. I was a five grade …

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बताओ न माँ!! (Tell me, Mother)

Flash fiction based on the given picture by #Womensweb हिन्दी ‘माँ, अब हम दरगाह पर चादर चढ़ाने क्यों नही जाते हैं?’ ‘अब हम नही जाएंगे। क्योंकि उन्होंने ही तुम्हारे मामा को मारा है।’ ‘मौलवी जी ने?’ ‘नहीं।’ ‘तो?चादर बेचने वाले अब्दुल ने?’ ‘नहीं।’ ‘तो?रेहाना की अम्मी ने जो हमें वहां ले जाती थीं?’ ‘नहीं।’ ‘तो …

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The Adventure

“You are making a colossal mistake.” “What if it doesn’t work?” “You are at the peak right now.” “Ten years down the line nobody will be willing to take you.” “You will be old to fit in.” “Who will care for your past laurels then?” “And what if you exhaust your savings?” “You will be …

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