The Lady with the most Unkempt Hair

Hey! You... The lady with the most unkempt hair Did you just brush off layers from those medallions up there? I'm talking to you.... My lady...with the most unkempt hair. Can you put aside your ladle for a little while and lend me an ear... A stolen moment... What? Don’t tell me now that the … Continue reading The Lady with the most Unkempt Hair



The colours of life Unknown. Vintage, spring, a plethora grown. Hues and shades Brightness galore, The colours of life Yet unknown. Subtle dark A sunset glow, Ceaselessly, moments flow. Bliss and Erebus in a row, The colours of life Forever unknown.

I Still Love My Haunting Past

From the corner of my eye I looked. Trailing right behind me as I followed fate was my past. Wrapped in dirty linen and appalled mendacity.   A crooked hand or two had embellished my days with a ludicrous (un) truth.   I became the serenity of the ocean surface, the trepidations beneath unseen and … Continue reading I Still Love My Haunting Past