An Open Letter to My Son

Dear A As I write to you today, I experience a flurry of emotions. A feeling of pride, for sure, for the young teenager that you are and, also immense gratitude for the person you have come to become. You are in the final realm of your school life, and invariably you will now be … Continue reading An Open Letter to My Son


What makes Children Feel Entitled to be Entitled?

I was visiting an old friend and her thirteen-year-old daughter had just returned from school. The atmosphere in the house was kind of thick. Well, you could cut the air with a knife, it was so palpable. My friend settled down next to me with a cup of coffee and obviously, she looked a bit … Continue reading What makes Children Feel Entitled to be Entitled?

Just Care to Pray

Ever since the Pulwama attack, there were quite a few conjectures. Will India, Won't India? Should India, Shouldn't India? Brigade social media was already out with all guns blazing 'at each other.' From quoting collateral damages to The Bhagwad Gita, from invoking the Veer Ras to the Religion of Humanity- we said it all. But … Continue reading Just Care to Pray

Failure: The ‘Bitter-Half’ of Success

I saw a video some time back, that interestingly, traced the evolution of how failure has been viewed in history, over years and over continents. The video helped to shape this article, in which I clearly question the desperate need for success. That Incy Wincy spider may have found the need to climb the wall … Continue reading Failure: The ‘Bitter-Half’ of Success