Just Care to Pray

Ever since the Pulwama attack, there were quite a few conjectures. Will India, Won’t India? Should India, Shouldn’t India? Brigade social media was already out with all guns blazing ‘at each other.’ From quoting collateral damages to The Bhagwad Gita, from invoking the Veer Ras to the Religion of Humanity- we said it all. But …

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Failure: The ‘Bitter-Half’ of Success

I saw a video some time back, that interestingly, traced the evolution of how failure has been viewed in history, over years and over continents. The video helped to shape this article, in which I clearly question the desperate need for success. That Incy Wincy spider may have found the need to climb the wall …

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The First Goodbye

While she failed to settle down with the idea, there was another heart-rending experience added to my kitty. My cuckoo bird suddenly became “papa’s doll”

The Wishlist

Before you make a wish, bow your head in gratitude. There is always something to be thankful for! I was merely ten years old when this new teacher joined my school. She was Mrs Elizabeth John. Besides being my class teacher, she also happened to be my neighbour. She lived in a huge green coloured …

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Positive and Negative Reinforcement: A Reflection of how Children View Themselves

Seven-year-old Shreya was having a casual conversation with her mother. As she expressed her views, she was met with a very laid-back remark by her father, “Oh! Are you that dumb Shreya?” He did not expect to hear what he did! “Yes Dad, I am. Specially at Mathematics.” Shreya’s parents were taken by surprise by …

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A View from Five Ft No Inches

Just days after I set foot into this world, began elaborate sessions of oil massages- mustard and apricot, the right proportions of olive and almond; not to forget granny’s practice of using ‘ghee’ from a lone cow’s milk. It was all done, coupled with the right movements of fingers and hands for not less than three long years. But it was too early to predict and efforts could not stop at this.

India’s #MeToo Movement and our Constant State of Denial

So, there were quite a few skeletons in the closet! Now that some of them are out in the open, I am sure it will give women the courage to pull out some more. India’s #MeToo movement has disclosed some shocking facts and I am going to talk about them at two levels. Just yesterday …

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From the Days of Rajni

One from the archives. This piece found a place in the HER WORLD section of THE TRIBUNE published on August 26, 2001. One of my very early and raw pieces, it came much before the advent of the #MeToo movement and similar stuff. It can also be accessed on  www.tribuneindia/days of Rajni Not that I ever …

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Welcome to ‘A Hundred Quills’. The title of my blog will probably intrigue you and I do plan to keep the suspense for a while. But for now, all I can say is that my blog may have a new name and a new address but I’m not really new to the process. I have …

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