Kheer- In the Middle of the Night

Based on a prompt from Women's Web, this story was written keeping Christina Rossetti's poem Goblin Market in mind. A tale of sisters in arms! ********************************** Sudha dipped her index finger in the pot and licked the kheer. “Perfect,” she thought. Wiping her hand with the end of her dupatta she turned to look at … Continue reading Kheer- In the Middle of the Night

Lessons from Childhood

When less is more And happiness not just a mere bubble, Laughter is contagious And there’s wind beneath your wings. A dapple of sunlight is easy to gift, And those fist fights last no longer than a blink. When it's simple to forget Simpler to forgive Falling asleep happens within seconds. "Care-less" is so fine … Continue reading Lessons from Childhood

Marks or Farce

This article is the third one in a series that talks about the issues related to the examination system in the country. It first appeared in Keekli Newspaper and can be read here.  In this piece I analyze the reasons behind granting high and perfect percentages and how their likely psychological and other disadvantages. With … Continue reading Marks or Farce