क्यों दंभ हूँ मैं?

मैं तो एक कण हूँ विशाल समय का एक क्षण हूँ, धरातल पर बहता सा एक भ्रम हूँ, शायद मैं छल हूँ, बस आज हूँ नही कल हूँ मैं। मैं अथाह सागर की सिर्फ एक बूंद हूँ, रत्ती भर हूँ रेत मे, मिट्टी नही धूल हूँ, पर्वत की चट्टान नही ज़र्रे सी लुप्त हूँ, ब्रह्माण्ड … Continue reading क्यों दंभ हूँ मैं?

Kheer- In the Middle of the Night

Based on a prompt from Women's Web, this story was written keeping Christina Rossetti's poem Goblin Market in mind. A tale of sisters in arms! ********************************** Sudha dipped her index finger in the pot and licked the kheer. “Perfect,” she thought. Wiping her hand with the end of her dupatta she turned to look at … Continue reading Kheer- In the Middle of the Night

Lessons from Childhood

When less is more And happiness not just a mere bubble, Laughter is contagious And there’s wind beneath your wings. A dapple of sunlight is easy to gift, And those fist fights last no longer than a blink. When it's simple to forget Simpler to forgive Falling asleep happens within seconds. "Care-less" is so fine … Continue reading Lessons from Childhood