Day Ten #NaPoWriMo

It’s the tenth day at NAPOWRIMO. It’s been a little busy for me. The prompt for today is a love poem. I just refurbished an old one today. Hope you enjoy reading it.

remember love that
happily ever after
doesn’t mean
no gloom at all.

the winds of change
are preordained
and likely
to make you trip and fall.

spring is a season love
but it doesn’t rule the roost
icy winds do blow in time
winter also gets its due.

you may then
light up the hearth
and know that’s the way
to keep the warmth.

it’s a constant hanging on
when you’re at the
end of the rope
and all else is gone.

the belief that it isn’t craggy
is a bubble in fool’s paradise
which certainly isn’t to say
that there’s nothing that’s not nice.

moods may be belligerent
and days all dull and worn
for Arcadia is to hearts
a place fleetingly known.

and yet, those in love, stay on
this I must confess
for some reason they are
besotted by this mess

to ensure that the charisma
of monotony
tempts them longer
than a while

they remember love,
that happily ever after
doesn’t mean
no gloom at all!

6 thoughts on “Day Ten #NaPoWriMo”

  1. Beautifully written Sonia–all the colours of love (including gloom) have space to reflect in your piece.

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