On day eight of NaPoWriMo, the prompt is to name your alter-ego, and then describe him/her in detail. Then write in your alter-ego’s voice.

No explanations today, just poetry. I’ve attempted the short poetry form (five lines slsll; can I call it the Tanka?) because I didn’t want to use too many words. My alter is taciturn!


still waters flow

with unspeaking certainty on

a moonlit night—

furrows on my bald forehead

vanish without an imprint



unlocks the inner


i curl my forefingers in

the shape of wisdom

I am not sure if this qualifies as the Tanka, but I’d like you to check out poet and author  Elizabeth Gauffreau’s collection of Tanka Poetry titled ‘Grief Songs: Poems of Love and Remembrance’.  I have a short article on Tanka and a few other attempts at the form here.

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31 thoughts on “Hermit”

  1. As you’ve already read, my alter-ego poetess doesn’t believe in rules. I felt the calm of this offering. Beautifully crafted Sonia.

  2. The inner fountain resonated with me very well Sonia. Hermit as your alter ego is well illustrated with this poem today, but it was visible as the watermark in all your creations that I have read so far.

  3. it is serene and meditative, calling up the perfect picture of a hermit. The form of the poem is interesting for the poet. For the reader who wants to be immersed in feeling its all about the words and images that are conjured by them.

  4. I don’t know the Tanka form, but your lines certainly made a lot of sense to me. I’m in awe of how you are able to express all that many of us can relate to…flawless! I wish I could express myself with so much clarity!

  5. Traditional tanka in English has a 5/7/5/7/7 syllable count; however, there are a number of variations I’ve seen. Both of your poems meet the spirit of tanka. Thank you for the Grief Songs mention!

    1. Thanks Liz. Yes I didn’t stick to the syllable count. Reason during a workshop I was told that when doing in English we can simply follow the slsll . Probably, as you said, a variation.
      You think they meet the spirit of Tanka? Thanks so much for saying that. A pleasure to take the readers to your books and site.

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