EYE on You by Kanchana Banerjee- Book Review

Book: Eye on You

Author: Kanchana Banerjee

Genre: Mystery

Language: English

This is the story of Myra- a young, independent, single woman who has carved out a dream life for herself. Living in Gurgaon and working for a top-notch company, she enjoys a lavish lifestyle which consists of a splendid home along with trekking trips, expensive clothes and cars, late night parties and an active social media presence. It is during one of the open-door parties hosted by her that Myra is raped, in her own bedroom! A guest list of seventeen people and almost half a dozen uninvited guests are on the list of suspects.

Who doesn’t like thrillers and when the cover of the book intrigues you, you have to grab it. The cover certainly gives you that creepy feeling that you are being watched. It is a definite +1. The second thing that works in favour of the book is the prologue. The author is in no mood to waste your time and the prologue piques your interest immediately.

Technology is a double-edged sword and almost indispensable in our contemporary smart lives. Kanchana Banerjee gives us a gripping whodunit where the needle of suspicion points from one character to another. The situation is pretty uncanny even for the protagonist. The culprit is clever and leaves no clues behind.

That is when Inspector Dipti steps in, who is an absolute contrast to Myra. What appealed to me about the book was also the fact that it creates a world of women. Women take centre stage in this story. Gurgaon is the affluent city almost personified as Myra and Dipti represents the contrasting middle-class life. Social divides, the natural prejudices and dislike of one strata of society towards another, the not-so glamorous truth of Social Media lives are some of the sub-themes of this mystery novel. It is quite relatable and makes you pause and ponder about your modern-day living.

The characters are realistic, although not all of them are likeable. In fact, I did not take fancy to even the protagonist Myra. Although smart and successful, her condescending attitude is a little obnoxious. On that front I would like to compliment the author for creating no black or white characters and leaving the reader with mixed emotions about each one of them.

Although, as you turn pages you easily begin to solve the case yourself and that probably is where the plot loses a point. I also think the entry of a certain character related to Myra’s past is more sudden and gives away a part of the resolution. But even then, it keeps you engaged till the last. I would have enjoyed an afterword though, to make the end a little less sad.

If you would like to read a fast whodunit over the weekend this one should fit your purpose well.     

Author Kanchana Banerjee is the writer of A Forgotten Affair (2016) & Nobody’s Child (2019). This is her third book. She started her writing career with The Statesman, Kolkata and went on to work for The Times of India, Hyderabad. Her articles have been published in almost all reputed publications in the country. She has worked with MNCs and PR firms as a corporate writer.

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Here is the purchase link of the book. It is free on Kindle Unlimited.

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  1. After reading your great review I went on Amazon and was able to buy the Kindle edition. I might end up buying her other two books after reading this one!

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