Dear Friends, This is the third post in the ‘Little Girl Series’ for children being written for My Friend Alexa Season 5. The illustrator is my nine-year-old daughter, Sarah.


The little girl looked up at the sun, her red face beaded with sweat. Summers were always pleasant in her little hill town, but the sun was ruthless when it came to Friday PE classes. She had requested mother several times to let her take an off, but to no avail.

“Your cousins are not going away until Monday. You can have fun with them over the weekend,” she had said.

“But it’s only a matter of one extra day. Why can’t I miss school just today?”

No amount of cajoling or pleading had worked. Mother was always particular about her rules. Father agreed sometimes, but mostly he gave in to what mother had to say. There was no point asking him for help.  

The cousins had landed last evening from Delhi. They always had long summer vacations there, just like the little girl had long winter vacations here, in the hills.

‘They must be up by now, making plans for the day,’ she wiped off a little trail of salty liquid that trickled down her face. The PE teacher was relentless. Every time a girl missed the counts, she would blow her black whistle several times. ‘FWEET! FWEET! FWEET! FWEET! FWEET!’ Her puffed cheeks made her look angrier than she really was. Or, maybe, she was angry for real because the little girl never saw her smile.

‘FWEEEEEEETTTTTT’… This time the jarring sound was closer home. The little girl looked up to see the frame of a woman right over her. It took her a while to adjust her eyes to the light and recognize her teacher’s face. She was still blowing the whistle. Had she been doing it for long? Had the little girl missed the annoying sound and something else too?

She watched the teacher’s cheeks blow in and out, in and out at an enviable speed and her hair run helter-skelter in the wind. And the foreboding eyes…there was nothing the little girl shouldn’t have feared.

Without a second thought, she closed her eyes and fell to the ground. THUD.

Argh! That hurt.

The blowing of the whistle came to a sudden halt as the little girl heard indistinct voices gather around her.

“Keep away girls, keep away,” she heard the teacher shout.

“Someone pass me a bottle of water…remove her shoes, will you?”

As she lay motionless on the ground, the little girl heard the pitter-patter of tiny feet running around. She did have the urge to peep through her long eye lashes but decided against it.

Splash! Someone emptied a tumbler on her face. It felt like a huge wave lashing against the shore.

Splash! There came another and then another. This was getting too much to handle. The little girl had to act fast, lest she be given another bath. In the hills, one was enough for a day.

She opened her eyes slowly, making sure her movement wasn’t hurried. The teacher heaved a sigh of relief. The little girl looked up at concentric circles of  pine trees on the top followed by the faces of her classmates. Their curious, concerned eyes scanning her thoroughly.

“Are you all right?” she heard the sweet voice of her class teacher, who sat next to the PE teacher. The latter looked suspiciously at the little girl, who quickly averted her gaze.

“Yes,” she mumbled in her feeblest voice. The two teachers then assisted the little girl to the infirmary. She was treated to a large glass of Glucon- D and sandwiches from her tiffin box, while the other girls sat in class reading Hindi.

Had she done the right thing? The little girl was not sure. She remembered the angry glower on the face of the PE teacher and the piercing sound of the whistle. Her shirt was still wet from all the water that had been splashed on her face. What must her friends be thinking? She couldn’t wait to answer their questions. What would she tell her mother and her cousins when she would get back home? She was a little upset for she couldn’t share this secret with anyone!

“What happened to my little girl?” her reverie was broken by her mother who walked in through the infirmary door, followed by one of her cousins and her class teacher.

They had called her parents! Why?

“She looks all right now. I don’t think she needs to see a doctor,” said the class teacher “but she will be better at home. It’s a weekend so, she can get good rest.”

“Am I going home? So soon?” asked the little girl, trying not to sound too anxious.

“Oh, yes!” said her mother as she buckled her shoes.

The little girl looked at her cousin, who smiled mischievously.

As she walked through the playground with her mother and cousin, the little girl watched another section having a PE class. The teacher moving around with the whistle in her mouth.

As their eyes met, the little girl smiled to greet the teacher who looked even more suspiciously at her than before. She didn’t smile back.

The little girl was happy to be home. What a horrible morning it had been. Eventful, actually.

“So, when did you come up with the plan?” asked her cousin.

“What plan?” the little girl was confused.

“The plan to come home early so that you could enjoy with us!”

“I made no plan, really.”

The little girl tried hard. But everyone refused to believe her. Including her mother. She wondered if she should let them know it was because of the PE teacher. But that could mean more trouble. Even at school. So, she decided to play along finally. Afterall, she didn’t mind being home with her cousins.


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46 thoughts on “THE PLAN (MY FRIEND ALEXA)”

  1. Haha! Smart girl! I didn’t realize I have a wide smile on my face at the end of the story. This little girl took me back to my Pathetic PE classes.

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  4. That is indeed a beautiful story bringing to us the clever mind of an intelligent girl whom I don’t blame at all for wanting to miss PE classes especially with the kind of teacher they have. Excellent story telling. It gives us a peek into a lively and intelligent mind.

  5. Dr. Surbhi Prapanna

    ha ha cute both girls also did not like their PE the ending of post. will read this to my girls, I am sure they will love it.

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  7. Vartika Mehrotra Gakhar

    Haha this made me smile, I was a prankster in school….sssh I dare not reveal anything else. Looking forward to reading more in the series

    1. No she didn’t. She feigned it to avoid the wrath of the PE teacher but everyone thought it was because she wanted to be at home with her cousins. 😄😄

  8. This was cute. So she’s catching up in the new school and learning to be her naughty self. I remember PE teachers some of them would be so strict. Poor kids they actually get tired doing all those drills. Closer home, I know my son does all such stuff to get away esp from drills.

  9. Another cute one Sonia. So did not technically fake it, did she? I am really enjoying this series. You always come up with something unique.

  10. Awww, a prankster by fluke! Such a sweet tale from the diaries of a little girl from the hills. Your storytelling is so alive and gripping, Sonia! You weave magic through your writing.

  11. Innocence at its best! Such a lovely story. I am going to ask my Mum whether I did something like this as a kid. I’m sure she’ll have so many stories to share. 😛

  12. Cute story and a cute sketch too. Daughters are father’s precious delight and I being father of my little princess can feel it from within. Thanks for sharing this Sonia. :oved reading it.

  13. Haha.. this reminded me of people fainting during school assemblies. Probably some of it might be fake when I think about it now! This is a nice story. Thank you for sharing.

  14. Oh! I loved it, such a sweet little story of a mischievous little girl. I could see my childhood in her innocent mischiefs, school time alas the best time of life, to be carefree and attempt such antics. You have brought a smile on my face, will definitely come back to read next.

  15. Young kids are mischivious to get their work done. And this cute little girl made by your daughter wins the limelight. I enjoyed the story while I kept going back to see the sketch and relate.

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