My Friend Alexa- Season 4


This post comes at a special time. Come September and A Hundred Quills completes a year! When I started this blog, I had just one thing on my mind- I wasn’t thinking business. I wanted to write and connect with people who write- the like-minded gang and Voila! Didn’t I do that!

The beginning was rather snail paced. I was mostly sharing my posts with friends on facebook, who weren’t all necessary readers. And then Blogchatter’s AtoZ Challenge happened. It was a daunting task and I was a newbie. Mostly a quiet observer and slow in social media interactions, initially I found it a bit hard to connect with people. But soon, so many reached out to me. The best bit was that I was reading people from all over the globe, getting introduced to some real blogging awesomeness. And I made friends, I met writers, bloggers, poets, writing clubs and reading groups. This was all that I had imagined when I had started the blog. The network grew bigger and better. With my professional work taking a lot of my time, of course, my interactions with the blogging community have been few and far between but I’m trying to catch up and have their back whenever I can!

So, when Sonia Chatterjee, my extremely talented friend who blogs at soniasmusings        mentioned #MyFriendAlexa I knew I had to take the plunge. What better way to celebrate the Blog Anniversary!

I will be writing in September again. Eight blog posts in all- two every week, but reading many, many more. I am already so excited. When I did the #AtoZChallenge I didn’t have a real theme. My posts were different genres and they weren’t really threaded together. This time my Theme is special.

Most of my friends are aware that I belong to the lovely hill town of Shimla. So, I plan to take you on a short historical trip of the town. My blogs will be based on research from Sir Edward John Buck’s popular book Shimla: Past and Present that I have specially been reading for this series. Also, research based on various internet sources. I do not intend to give too many facts- they are readily available. I just wish to bring some interesting stories to the readers. My main focus is to regale children with stories about Shimla in a simple format.

Let me add here that this idea had long been thought of and I found My Friend Alexa the best platform where I could execute it.

While I look forward to some Alexa ranking as well (I presently have no data) and to making more friends in my blogging journey, I also look forward to knowing my town a little better and sharing some of the interesting tales related to it with you all!

Check out #sonigirlwrites and #sonigirlreads @soniadogra16 on twitter, this September for more updates!

Thank you for being on this page and I hope to see you all month round!


17 thoughts on “My Friend Alexa- Season 4

    1. Hi Ira. Please do drop a link everytime you post. I haven’t been able to follow you somehow. And in case you are on Twitter or fb I can follow you there for your posts.


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